Over the last few years, we have been phasing out LabelMe video for a new system, VATIC. If you wish to annotate videos, we encourage you to use this tool instead.

The open video annotation tool

by Jenny Yuen, Bryan Russell, Ce Liu, and Antonio Torralba [pdf].

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Computers currently have difficulty understanding what is happening in images and video. As an extension of LabelMe, we introduce a new open annotation tool to collect a large database of objects in video by welcoming and collecting contributions from many people.

Learn to use the tool

Watch our description video to familiarize yourself with the annotation tool.

Try to annotate our training video.

Explore the dataset

Access our video database (view only).

Use the Matlab toolbox to download and use the database.

Annotate your own videos

If you have a collection of videos you want to annotate, contact us.


Help us grow by uploading your videos.